The Details

AI at the Core: Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange
1:30pm-5pm, May 9, MoAD, San Francisco

It’s no secret. Artificial intelligence is transforming the entire marketing landscape.

In fact, 80 percent of all marketing executives predict artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing by 2020, according to a recent Wakefield/Demandbase survey.

Meanwhile, Venturebeat benchmarks the desire for highly contextual, personalized experiences at 77.5 percent for the rising millennial demographic, and the companies that can’t deliver are under threat of extinction.

AI at the Core: Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange is an invite-only event for marketing leaders designed to spark mission-critical insights and dialogue into how AI and machine learning is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.

As part of an exclusive 2017 MarTech Conference pre-show innovator program, attendees will hear how AI experts and Fortune 1000 companies, such as Sprint and Microsoft, have integrated core AI technology to optimize every customer interaction to drive significant KPI lift.

What attendees will learn

Attendees will gain an essential CMO-level insight framework for evaluating AI marketing technologies in 2017. With real-world examples from Fortune 1000 brands, this year’s exchange is designed to help today’s marketing leadership move beyond AI hype into KPI-driven adoption. Topics to be covered include:

  1. How do I understand the difference between core AI and bolt-on AI technologies?
  2. How do modern AI tools fit within my current enterprise marketing stack?
  3. How do I evaluate the ROI of a potential AI investment?
  4. Do I need to fire my data scientists? How do I structure my teams to support AI technologies?
  5. What types of organizational partnerships do I need to make a new AI initiative successful?

Featured Speakers

AI is no longer a future state. Listen to real-world insights and experiences as panelists and speakers discuss how they’re currently integrating AI solutions with their existing marketing technology stacks and data environments to truly optimize every customer interaction.

Christy Egbert

Customer Base Marketing Manager
Sprint Prepaid Brands

Christy started her career as a management consultant with Accenture and transitioned into Marketing at Sprint in 2008.

Paul Wiefels

Managing Director
Chasm Group

Paul Wiefels is a managing director and a founding partner of the Chasm Group LLC, a global technology consultancy.

Scott McCorkle

Former CEO
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Scott McCorkle is a technology investor and advisor. He serves as Executive-in-Residence for High Alpha.

Kristen Simmons

Experian Consumer Services

Simmons is responsible for strategic direction, development and execution of product & marketing for Experian consumer services.

Ian Thomas

Principal GPM, Customer Data & Analytics, Microsoft

Ian Thomas has been involved in online measurement and customer intelligence for 15 years. He joined Microsoft in 2006.

Olly Downs, Ph.D.

CEO and Chief Scientist

Olly is CEO and Chief Scientist at Amplero, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company.
Who should attend

As an exclusive MarTech SF pre-show program, AI at the Core is an invite-only event for transformative marketing, analytics, data science and customer experience leaders from Fortune 1000 brands designed to spark dialogue within the intersection of artificial intelligence and marketing. If you’d like to attend, please request an invite here.

AI at the Core Agenda

1:30pm-5pm, May 9, 2017

Keynote: Why do large enterprises fail to innovate, only to end up being disrupted?

It’s only a matter of time. Across nearly every industry, global established brands face threats from both category outsiders and innovative competitors who are continually consuming market share. In this critical session, Chasm Group Managing Director Paul Weifels reveals how the most innovative enterprises are investing in transformational technologies and initiatives designed to drive revenue in the next 12-18 months.

Leadership session: Distilling core AI from market noise

The machines are taking over, but it’s not what you think. In this session, Amplero’s Olly Downs and Matt Fleckenstein will share an in-depth look at core artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) solutions and how global marketers should be evaluating their AIM investments in 2017.

Innovation panel: AI in the wild with former Salesforce Marketing Cloud CEO Scott McCorkle

AI, meet ROI. Featuring marketing leadership from Sprint, Xbox, and Experian, this panel pulls back the curtain to reveal real-world applications and challenges of artificial intelligence marketing at today’s top enterprises.

The Venue

As part of AI at the Core: 2017 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange, attendees will have private access to the MoAD art museum.

Situated in the heart of San Francisco’s Yerba Buena arts district, MoAD is one of the few museums focused exclusively on the African Diaspora. MoAD is a thriving fine arts institution dedicated to building a community that inspires, educates, and connects people of all ages and backgrounds.

And the best part? It’s only blocks away from the MarTech Conference space for easy access to the conference kickoff.

2017 MarTech San Francisco Conference

MarTech is the international conference for senior-level, hybrid professionals who are both marketing- and tech-savvy: marketing technologists, creative technologists, growth hackers, data scientists, and digital strategists.

The conference is a vendor-agnostic forum for understanding the breadth of marketing technologies and how organizations can effectively integrate them into their marketing strategy and operations.

MarTech is an inspiring, cross-pollinating experience that transcends the traditional boundaries between marketing and IT, and encourages creative collaboration across the organization.


Besides hosting AI at the Core: 2017 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange, Amplero is a title sponsor at MarTech. Don’t miss crucial machine learning and AI-focused sessions by Amplero leadership and some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Digital Transformation Session – Wednesday, May 10, 1:30 pm

Sprint Prepaid Brands CMO Angela Sigley-Rittgers and Amplero CEO Olly Downs

Sprint’s Pre-Paid Digital Transformation: Using Machine Learning & Multi-Armed Bandit Experimentation to Optimize Every Interaction Across the Customer Journey

Breakfast Keynote – Thursday, May 11, 8:15 am
Amplero CMO Matt Fleckenstein

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Demos – Reserve your spot now

Schedule a 1:1 session to explore core AI in action with one of our solution experts. Session includes:

  • + Assessment of data preparedness for AI implementation
  • + Machine learning KPI strategy consultation
  • + High level phased roadmap for AI transformation in 2017

About Amplero

Amplero leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to enable marketers to achieve what’s not humanly possible.

Automatically optimizing every customer interaction, the Amplero Intelligence Platform fuels high-impact revenue and retention growth for global B2C brands. Led by CEO Olly Downs, PhD, and powered by a world-class team of data scientists, engineers, and scientific marketers, Amplero ingests nearly any data source and connects with existing enterprise marketing technology solutions to transform the way brands understand and interact with their customers.

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AI at the Core: 2017 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange is an invite-only event for marketing leaders designed to spark mission-critical insights and dialogue into how AI and machine learning is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.

Capacity is limited and the space will fill, so please request your invite as soon as possible.